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Haunted Bella Maggiore Inn

By Suzanne Grace

Possible Spirit Manifestation

While recently working with my partner on where to investigate next, I came across a local hotel in Ventura, CA. Now, we’ve investigated many facilities – hotels, apartment buildings, private homes – but none seemed as fitting for an audience as the Bella Maggiore Inn. Built in 1927, it still holds the charm of its era, although bathrooms and showers are now inside the rooms rather than the communal used back in the day.

I decided to take a trip out to see it; it was mid-day and an absolutely gorgeous one at that. Being approximately 30 minutes from my home, I knew it would be a lovely drive filled with flowing fields and glimpses of the ocean. Fortunately, I was able to get parking right in front as with this part of “old town” Ventura, parking is a premium (and an easy run from the hotel just in case)!

I went into the hotel and met the lady at the front desk. She was kind enough to allow me to walk through the facility, taking all the photos I wanted, with our last stop being room 17 – THE ROOM!

I walked into the room and was overpowered by a rose scent – as though someone has doused themselves in rose perfume or powder. Immediately, I felt “her” presence. She wasn’t aggressive, more curious. I looked around the room, took some pictures and said good-bye to the staff. I had asked them refrain from giving me any history as I wanted to be able to “read” it for myself and I knew my partner, Shannon would as well.

As soon as I got into my car, I was “shown” what had taken place in Room 17 and why Sylvia – the resident ghost – is still occupying it. During the 1930s, Sylvia was a prostitute and was found dead by hanging in her room. Many just presumed that this was due to a suicide but my immediate impression was she had been murdered. Sylvia, the spirit, felt it important to show me exactly what had taken place and it wasn’t a pretty picture. Considering in the 30s that prostitution was a job just like any other, those women who were, were given the same respect as a piece of dirt.

I called Shannon and told her we had the perfect place! I gave her no details, sent her none of the photos I had taken and later that night she called and said, Sylvia was murdered – I hate to say it but I laughed – not at Sylvia’s expense, but due to the fact that we were both being given the same impressions. We chatted for a while, compared notes and new we had a gem on our hands!

Is the hotel really haunted?

As the night of our investigation approached, we could barely contain ourselves. We were excited as we knew she would make contact with us and give our guests a fun time – fun if you like being touched, cold, and brushed up against anyway!

We arrived and met our guests; we set up our electronic monitoring equipment, cameras and of course food and beverages for a long night. We didn’t have to wait long for Sylvia to make herself known. One of our guests was sitting in a chair next to where she was found dead (and of course we didn’t tell her this) and immediately she was freezing. Sylvia had arrived!

We spent many hours that night taking photos – and we have many orbs to share – but I believe the best part of the night was when we placed both a candle and a piece of candy on the floor. We asked Sylvia to move the flame – and she did. We asked her to move the candy – and she DID! She was literally excited to have the attention and we loved it as well. The candy was moved about 4 to 5 inches and the flame shot up about 4 inches from its base.

Sylvia has a propensity for men; she loves them! One of our guests, the Security Guard from the hotel, was sitting on the bed and we asked him if he was married, etc. He said no. Our monitors went crazy! It said RING, WEDDING, WIFE, KIDS and more words pointing toward the fact that he wasn’t being honest and Sylvia was letting us know (at the end of the night he did fess up that Sylvia was correct). The orb photos of this man while he was sitting on the bed are amazing and show she was right there with him. When I felt her move toward the bathroom, a guest took a photo of me at my instruction and low and behold, I have a large orb above my head (and a few others as well).

While we happened to get used to the smell of the rose perfume, other guests in the hotel would stop by and ask about it. It is thick in the air, cloying, and can be smelled far down the hallway when she is around. The rose smell itself never leaves the room either. No matter what food you bring in, perfumes you use, etc., it is always there.

We made a second trip to the hotel and learned more about the history of it; there was a man who had dropped his baby from the 3rd floor and other such mysterious deaths and murders. None of this has been proven, unlike Sylvia’s and may just be folklore. On our second trip we ventured throughout the hotel rather than just stay in the room and took shots of orbs going up the stairs and in other sitting rooms throughout the hotel. Sylvia wasn’t present that night and while we were disappointed, we knew that this is a risk you take when investigating facilities. You can have a ton of action one night and it be quiet as a mouse the next. While both Shannon and I feel that Sylvia would like to be crossed over, we also know that when the time is right she will call us to come back.

Sylvia? We are waiting!

Suzanne Grace, F.inst.P.P, Fellow member of the Institute of Psychic Practitioners

Psychic Medium

Posted by Belinda Bentley of www.BelindaBentley.com

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” Pablo Picasso

The Paranormal Experiencer

Rubbiz Fire is my own personal psychic. We have about 10 years of history starting when I began doing psychic readings for her and her family at a psychic fair in San Jose, Ca. Over the years we’ve talked and gotten to be friends and here are some things that I’ve found out about this extraordinary psychic. Things that will chill you to the bone…

1980 – I was about 6 years old, and was terrified to go to sleep one night. I kept telling my mom that there was a “White Cowboy” outside my bedroom window. After her threatening me to go to sleep or else! She went to her bedroom and I kept crying, “…but mom he is going to come in!” She came to my room one more time and said If I didn’t go to sleep I was going to get spanked. So I pulled the blanket over my head and cried harder repeating “he is gonna come in.” That night a man broke into the house. He was wearing white denim jeans, a White Cowboy shirt, wearing a cowboy hat carrying a knife and he chased my mom down the hall. It ended with him running away cause’ my dad got his shot gun.

1980 – 1988 I was visited regularly by a spirit male.

1981 - I had my first out of body experience. I saw my self laying on the floor of the shower surrounded by my blood, after a nasty accident left a large split in my head. I had a choose to leave or stay, live or die. I decided to stay. It only took 23 stitches , 7 staples to close my head.

1983- While driving down 101 in San Jose North bound lane with my mom and brother, my mom pointed to a motorcyclist driving down the freeway at speeds that appeared to be over 100pmh, with no shirt , no shoes and no helmet. MY mom says, “Oh. That’s going to be a nasty accident.” Six exits down the freeway had traffic build up and there were all kinds of police sirens, and people pulled over to the side as we were forced to drive by what appeared to be 80 feet of blood skid marks down the free way and at the end of the blood trail was a mangled black and red piece of man laying there lifeless.

1985 - While visiting a friend one night, I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom I stopped  along the way to have a conversation with an old man rocking in a rocking chair. The next morning I told my friend about how I talked with her grandfather and asked her what happened to the rocking chair? She said they didn’t have a rocking chair and that her grandfather was dead. But I described him to a T!

1985 – While driving with my mother and brother down McLaughlin Rd. in San Jose, my mom slammed on the breaks do to a man nearly slamming into the side of her, had she not braked we would of been hit on the passenger side of my mom’s Pinto where I was sitting. We where lucky to only have been rear ended by the car behind us sadly a woman driving in the other direction didn’t have time to stop and was struck exactly in the drivers side sending her car in a spin out which made her spin 4 times slamming her into the side of a daycare building. The woman was hurt so bad she lost her ear in the accident. Talk about close call.

1989 – While playing with my younger brother a game in the back yard, my body froze and I spoke out to my brother EARTHQUAKE, and he laughed at me and then about 60 seconds later a 5.0 hit the Bay Area.

1991 – While at a friends house visiting I was sitting at the kitchen table when something grabbed both my shoulders, yanked them making me arch my back. It pulled my chair backwards standing on 2 legs only as my body froze yet again and whatever it was squeezed my shoulders. I yelled out to my friends move away from the table EARTHQUAKE, they got up screaming and ran away from the table as I watched the hutch that sat behind them fall over the table inches away from my face.

1993 - While living with my one of my aunts I was sitting at the kitchen table  watching a spirits walk up an down the hallway, as I watching them hurry past me as if they where trying to catch something. It was a woman dressed in 1800′s clothing

1993 – Watched a man walk angrily up and down a hallway and thru a living room then he went into the kitchen and he came around the corner with a gun. He walked down the hall  into the master bedroom and ACTUALLY shut the bedroom door and I heard a gun shot. No one was hurt because the man and gun where both apparitions. As long as I stayed in the house this situation repeated everyday at the same time. I later found out when I told my roommates what I was seeing that one of the original owners of the house committed suicide in the master bedroom using a gun.

1994 – While pregnant with my son,  was being driven home from a visit with my father. Driving down White road something whispered to me tell her to slow down and get behind the car in the left lane. So I told Jen to slow down and get behind the white car in the left lane just as she took her foot off the gas and slowly coasted to get behind the other car, the white car drifted over to the lane we where in and crashed into a parked car which sent the white car flipping over in front of us. We escaped unharmed. The firemen did do an examination on me though to make sure the baby was OK. According to eye witnesses we where very lucky. Thanks you very much to that SPIRIT & GOD I have a healthy 17 year old son!

1995 thru 2010 Spirit walking up & down the hallway with heavy steps. Going in to the kitchen and opening cabinets & shutting them over and over again…

1997 – After messing around with the Ouiga board, ( untrained and inexperienced) with a white candle to attract spirits and chanting with all 4 elements (Fire, water, Earth & AIR) we suffered that night from a visit with an ugly spirit, who went as far to torment all of us including a child and spent a night hovering or squatting over my friend and her son. The spirit struck me in the head while I was alone in the bathroom,

1998 - I had a dream I was going to get in a car accident while driving my husband to work, the car accident was going to be head on, and it was going to be such a hard hit that my son was going to be ejected from the car through the back window. I was going to be pinned behind the wheel and and die, and in the dream I was shown a calendar. March 13th was circled in red. On March 13th I refused to drive my husband to work out of fear. I didn’t want to get in an accident or want son or husband to get hurt. My husband thought I was nuts and decided to get a ride to work. He had his sister drive him to work while their cousin tagged along for the ride. I was informed from my mother in law, who was called by San Jose Medical Center that there was an accident. On the way to my husbands work they where hit head on. My sister in-law was pinned behind the wheel, and both her legs where broken one of them in 3 places. The other in 2 places. She also suffered from a shattered pelvic bone. The doctors weren’t sure she was going to make it.  My husband had whip lash, a fractured hip and glass pieces in his neck, face and head. His cousin was thrown from side to side in the back seat sending her head slamming into the back windows flinging her glasses out of the window. She suffered from a sprained back & neck, fractured arm stitches and glass in her head, face and neck. All 3 of them are fine today and for that I thank the lord.

2002 – I met Celebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley at San Jose Psychic Fair. After walking around the fair 3 times trying to decide which Psychic I wanted to try. Here was this woman with this GLOW about her. she had this inviting energy and I felt this Pull to her I kept ignoring the pull at 1st but by the 3rd time around the conference room I decided to sign up for a reading with her and the rest is history. She became my Psychic of choice and eventually we became friends 2003 – while asleep one night, I was awoken to a spirit looking down on me he was about 2 inches over my face studying me or looking at me, it was so scary and shocking I ended up awaking my husband do to the spirit being so in my face.

2004 - A December night, after having a long & busy week I decided I needed to unwind in a eucalyptus bath. While soaking in the tub at some point I had fallen asleep I some how had a out of body experience in which I was looking down on my self, “saying oh wow look at your self. Look how tired you are.”  Then I realized  your drowning wake up! I woke up just as my face had turned into the water.

2004 -2005 – There is a spirit who walks around my apartment building. Its waiting and watching.

2005 – A spirit dressed in what appeared to be a Pilgrim outfit walked past me in my living room, when I tried to walk down my hallway I couldn’t because there was wall where my hallway was moments ago. Even though I was in my apartment it appeared I was in someone else’s house!

2008 – 2010 Watched little boy spirit walk around my cousin’s apartment. He move real object.

“To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”

OMG! Hey all readers, fans, and people who freakin’ LOVE Ghost Adventures, there is a new show coming out SOON so pay attention and read this.

Zak Bagans, star of the hugely popular series “Ghost Adventures,” premieres a new show JUNE 17 at 9pm ET/PT called “PARANORMAL CHALLENGE.”

Zak has become one of Travel Channel’s tent-pole personalities and besides a major fan following, his shows have given rise not only to new believers, but also a community of people who make their living from paranormal investigations.  He’s got some truly frightening ghost adventures under his belt – scary stories that put my campfire tales to shame!

“Paranormal Challenge” takes viewers around the country to some of the most haunted sites in the country, but this time, lead investigator Zak takes a mentor role to guide amateur paranormal investigators (some of his biggest fans) through a night of intense testing – two teams face off in a series of challenges to see who can bring back the best and most haunting evidence.

The show uses some awesome new hi-tech gear, and a panel of three nationally recognized paranormal experts decide the winner of the paranormal challenge – no prizes, no titles, just bragging rights and a new-found respect in the paranormal community.

Zak Bagans, Host and Lead Investigator

Being a former skeptic, Zak Bagans says that his passion for investigating the paranormal resulted from a face-to-face encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman who haunted his old apartment building in Trenton, Michigan.  This life-changing experience caused him to actively pursue capturing evidence of the afterlife.  After graduating from the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan, Bagans moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking.  There, Bagans met GHOST ADVENTURES co-host Nick Groff and cameraman Aaron Goodwin.   Bagans’ top three scariest experiences include being scratched by a demonic entity at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, being partially possessed by a spirit at the Preston School of Industry, and being overwhelmed by a dark energy at Poveglia Island.

Bagans’ passion for the paranormal has launched into creating and hosting a new series – PARANORMAL CHALLENGE, premiering June 17, 2011.  Bagans is also the executive producer for the series.  In each episode, Bagans puts two teams of amateur ghost hunters against each other during an overnight lockdown.  After a night of collecting evidence, the teams present their findings to Bagans and a panel of three additional paranormal experts.

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Inside Oprah Winfrey’s Final Shows!


Let the Healing Begin

Celebrities such as Lily Allen, Madonna, Michael Ball and alternative health leader Deepak Chopra are advocates of the Emotional Freedom Technique.  Holistic medical alternatives have been gaining popularity in the Western world for their natural and whole-body approach to healing.  One type of holistic healing is Energy Psychology, a practice that relieves mental health problems by eliminating emotional traumas or blockages from the mind-body continuum by touching or tapping key points on the body. The most widely-used form of Energy Psychology is the Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple, effective, yet widely unknown way of removing emotional blockages. Chicago Healers Practitioner Dr. Funda Kahn, D.D.S., CH, explains what you need to know about the Emotional Freedom Technique.

  • CORE BELIEF—The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is centered upon the belief that while tapping on certain meridian points on the body while focusing on a stressful event the body’s energy flow is balanced and the negative emotions associated with the event are diminished.
  • TAPPING POINTS—Meridian points are many of the same ones used in traditional acupuncture therapies. These points include the eyebrow, the side of the eye, underneath the eye, the crease between the nose and upper lip, the area between the lower lip and chin, the collar bone, the sternum and the underarm.
  • USES—Practitioners of EFT use it to alleviate both physical and emotional pains including stress, depression, dyslexia, allergies, relationship troubles, MS, addictions and more.
  • PRACTICES—EFT is practiced by holistic healthcare workers, many of whom are also certified in hypnosis. EFT practitioners can be found at therapy clinics and private practices in almost any city; make sure to choose a practitioner that has been certified in the technique.

Please let me know if you are interested in additional information including an interview with ChicagoHealers.com Practitioner Funda Kahn, D.D.S., C.H.

About ChicagoHealers.com

Chicago Healers (www.ChicagoHealers.com) is the nation’s pioneer prescreened integrative health care network, offering a comprehensive understanding of each practitioner’s services, approach, and philosophy.  Our holistic health experts teach and advocate natural and empowered health and life choices through their practices, the media, educational events, and our website.  With close to 200 practitioners and over 300 treatment services, Chicago Healers has provided nearly 400 free educational events for Chicagoans and has been featured in 300+ TV news programs and print publications.  For more information, visit www.ChicagoHealers.com.

Arnold and Maria 25 years of marriage ending and the healing has to begin. Could the be the answer to her healing heart? Haven’t heard the news : http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2011/05/18/arnold-schwarzenegger-mistress-affair-mildred-baene-maria-shriver-divorce/


BATMAN: Dark Knight of Gotham

Paltalk’s Diana Falzone Chats with Batman Producer, Archie Comics writer – the Legendary Michael Uslan
Uslan talks Rejections, Christian Bale and His Personal Connection to the One and Only Dark Knight of Gotham

I LOVE BATMAN since Michael Keaton. I wish he were still superman to be honest, but for the love of Batman I am sharing this interview with you. Now where is Michael Keaton is he doing TV?

Michael Uslan, the man behind the Batman movies, Archie Comics and more, sat down with Paltalk’s own Diana Falzone to discuss his career, his thoughts on the infamous Dark Knight superhero and give those trying to break into the business some advice to following their dream.  In the interview he discussed his new book “The Boy Who Loved Batman” – a semi-autobiographical piece about his journey and insight on his vision for the superhero that he has worked hard to develop from the comic book pages to the big screen. 
Below are some highlights viewers can see in the video:
·         Which actor is his favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne for all generations
o   “Each Bruce Wayne by each actor has been something completely different.  Michael Keaton, Bruce Wayne – obsessed, driven to the point of being psychotic… Tim Burton, genius that he was/is said, ‘Audiences have to believe in this guy, they have to believe in Bruce Wayne – he’s a guy who is capable of putting on a bat suit and going out and fighting crime without getting the giggles.’  With Val Kilmer he was more of a dark mysterious, darkly romantic version of Bruce Wayne.  George Clooney was the warm and fuzzy guy next door…and then Christian Bale I think has just nailed it.  Nailed it for every generation – it really doesn’t matter what generation of Batman Comics you were raised on or if you saw those cartoons or these cartoons, or if you saw those movies or these movies; for me, for everybody he is the believable Bruce Wayne on a very personal human journey.”  (12:00)
·         Why Batman was always his favorite superhero and how that shapes how he portrays the character today?
o   “At age 8, Batman was my favorite superhero.  More than Spiderman or the Hulk.  And it was really for two reasons – one, because he had the greatest super villains.  So far better than everybody else.  Number two, is because he was human.  He had no super powers.  Batman’s greatest superpower is his humanity.  And at age 8, I believed in my heart of hearts that if I studied real hard, and worked out real hard, and if my dad bought me a cool car, I could be this guy. “ (3:41)
·         On whether he sees himself as Batman or Bruce Wayne?
o   “I think I’m Bruce Wayne.  I’m certainly not Batman. ” (2:50)
·         Why he is and probably always will be, “The Boy Who Loved Batman” from his book?
o   “So this book, is really the story of the over 10 years it took me, from the time I acquire the rights to Batman until our first movie came out.  Because [my partner] and I were turned down by every studio in Hollywood.  I was told I was crazy.  I was told it was the worst idea they had ever heard.  It’s a test.  How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you believe in your work and what you are doing? When everyone is telling you, you are bad.” (2:04)
·         Advice he has to those trying to follow the same dream
o   “It’s a harsh world out there, you are right and the key is really ‘intestinal fortitude,’ it’s about knocking on doors that will, guaranteed, slam in your face.  Over and over again. And if you are passionate about something, are you willing to go through Hell, literally, really march through Hell to get to the other side and keep picking yourself up, keep dusting yourself off, knocking on those doors and getting them slammed again and again.  Talk about timing in life, and luck in life.  The magic is that there is no magic – because the timing and luck is really the only timing and luck you make by knocking on those doors obsessively.” (1:00)
Watch the video for more including:
·         How he eventually was able to secure the rights for the Batman character and how it almost never happened?  (4:32)
·         Which studio rejected him the worst and how a little girl named “Annie” almost blew his chances (6:38) 
Check out the full video here: http://blog.paltalk.com/paltalkmedia/2011/05/batman-producer-michael-uslan-.html

Seriously for all my shoe fanatic friends Kate Hudson showed off her Alexandre Birman flats on Mother’s Day in London, England.

The ever-coveted Alexandre Birman ballerina flats are available in a variety of colors at Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus for $495.  Who else has been wearing these?  Anne Hathaway, Courtney Cox, Blake Lively, Demi Moore, Diane Kruger, Olivia Palermo, Anna Paquin, Ashley Greene and Karolina Kurkova (to name a few!). I really want to find out what Ru Paul has been wear lately…
·         http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1384846/Kate-Hudson-shows-bump-spends-Mothers-Day-son-Ryder.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
·         http://www.popsugar.com/Kate-Hudson-Pregnant-Pictures-London-16405020
·         http://perezhilton.com/category/kate-hudson/

Join Belinda Bentley for a California Psychic’s Event June 3, 2011.


The May 10th broadcast of “Rock Talk”, with Allison Hayes – The Rock Girl on CBS Radio, will feature internationally renowned psychic Medium and noted musician, Glenn Klausner.

“I am really excited to have Glenn on my show,” says Hayes, who has established an
unmatched reputation across the country for her ability to use the energy of stones in
both psychic readings and healing sessions. “I met him when we were both on Andy
Troy’s live radio show in New York. He is a phenomenal talent and I know our listeners will really enjoy listening to this episode of “Rock Talk”.

Born and raised in New York, Klausner began showing both his psychic abilities as well as his ability to communicate with spirits when he was just four years old. By the time he was nine; he was making psychic predictions and relaying spirit messages for family and friends.

Continuing to hone his abilities during his teen years, Klausner made the decision in
1990 to dedicate his life to being a professional Medium.

For the past nine years Klausner has been featured as a Tested Legitimate Medium on
Bob Olson’s website, www.bestpsychicmediums.com.

“Klausner is dedicated to and passionate about his work, and always serves his clients
with the utmost integrity. His down-to-earth, genuine personality has earned him a vast and loyal following”, says Bob Olson, Founder of BestPsychicMediums.com.
In addition to his work as a Psychic Medium, Klausner is also an accomplished musician who is recording his third music CD scheduled for release this year under his music stage name Glenn Kidd.

Be sure and tune in to “Rock Talk” on May 10th at 8 pm ET and hear more about Klausner’s music and mediumship.



Interview with Asexual Psychic Claudia

The asexual world is a very unknown and mystical place for most people. A lot of people don’t quite understand what an asexual is and more over many don’t know they are asexual people. I implore you to uncover the shameful secrecy that asexual individuals know, because of the strict societal judgments imposed on those who are different than the majority. The same judgments imposed on gays, lesbians, bisexuals, those who don’t want to get married and those who don’t follow a certain religious belief system.

Instead of rumors, judging or guessing you can find out what an asexual person is. Might you have been one in the past? Are you one now? Can it become your future? Inquiring minds will want to know.

Claudia gives us a bit of insights into the spiritual realm of an asexual person. She gives some facts along with her own beliefs and opinions giving people a place to start exploring. As a sex psychic I am interested in every aspect of sexuality that can help, heal; give us a basic understanding of our fellow man or woman and give us an insight into ourselves.

Learn about asexuals for those that don’t know: http://tigerbeatdown.com/2011/04/13/life-among-the-one-percent/

Facebook page for a documentary being made about: Asexuals:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asexuality-The-Making-of-a-Movement/45555386712

Enter Claudia’s World

I’ve never talked about asexuality in a public forum before, however the older I get, and the more connected with myself I become, in hindsight, I can see that I’ve always been asexual. The topic is important to me in the same way a queer person finds importance in the discovery of their sexuality and the way it relates to society and where they fit into the world. I first came out as a lesbian in my early 20’s; however I explored relationships with women for a period of years; and discovered that I am not drawn to or fulfilled by the sexual aspects of a relationship with women OR with men. There are many ways to connect with someone. You can talk in an authentic way with them, meditate with them, laugh together, show affection such as hugging, etc; sex has never made me feel more spiritually connected to someone than those other activities have.

I am celibate not for spiritual reasons, but because I am asexual and have no desire to have sex. However I do feel that being true to who I am is what my spirituality is about on a fundamental level. What works for me obviously does not work for many people, and everyone must find their own path.

I have noticed that sex is not about a real spiritual connection for many people. The mind is the most active sexual organ, and I have seen that many people are in sexual relationships with people based on a fantasy of who the other person is, or what the role of that other person could be in their lives. Their attraction to the other person may have very little to do with who the person is spiritually, mentally or emotionally. They may be attracted to the person’s physical appearance, but that is superficial and about lust. Having sex based on physical attraction is not about connecting to who that person really is. Part of physical attraction can come from hormones and chemistry which is produced by the mind, not by that other person. The mind can be tricked by many things and can easily cause a person to fall in ‘love’ based on an idea or a fantasy about who someone else is.

To me, having sex based on physical attraction is not the most authentic way to spiritually connect with someone. I don’t believe that people connect spiritually through sex, however I believe that connecting to another person physically through sex can enhance the spiritual connection for some people, since bringing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects together causes the connection to feel more ‘complete.’ Not everyone in the world has the same sexual drives and needs though, and what is healthy for one person may not be what is authentic and healthy for someone else. Some people do not need to have sex in order to be complete within themselves and in their relationships with others.

I think there will be a lot of judgment from people when they hear about this, because a lot of people get defensive when it comes to their own lifestyle choices, and anything that provides an alternative to their way of life will be rejected to protect their own ideas about sex. Homosexuals have had the same issue with people judging them rather than understanding them. Of course there are open-minded people out there as well, and those are the people I’d like to share my story with.

What is your take on Aliens? I ask this, because there are people who believe they are reincarnated Alien beings. Some of the most notable traits of these people are detached emotions, no need for sexual contact and a hard time relating to humans beings and the traditional family dynamic. Are these things you have experienced and have you ever thought about where your soul or spirit may have originated?
In my opinion, there is much more going on in the Universe than we humans can know for sure. I don’t pay attention to past lives, because I believe in staying in the present and taking one lifetime at a time. In this lifetime, I have never really speculated much about Aliens. I believe they exist yet I’ve not personally had contact with one that I know of, and I haven’t gone out seeking Alien contact. I believe in God, which can be referred to as Divine Love, a Higher Power, Creative Intelligence, etc. and that is the source that ultimately we all stem from, and that’s what I pay attention to, while not discounting aliens.

I’ve always had a wide circle of friends and people in my life that I love deeply. Growing up all my closest friends were from different cultures and backgrounds, and I always could find common ground with just about anyone. In my work I have to be able to empathize with all kinds of people who have lifestyle choices that are different than mine. So even though I am asexual, I still relate to sexual people whether straight or gay. We all come from the same source and most of us have similar emotional makeups. Although I am not interested in sex, I still feel deep emotions, just as deep as any sexual person does.

Have you ever suspected any celebrities to be asexual? If so whom?
I believe I once heard Lady Gaga say she wasn’t really interested in sex, although her exact wording escapes me now. At other times she has expressed being very sexual. I can imagine that she probably has periods of asexuality, because her creativity, showmanship and performance  is where she channels her kundalini energy and for her, that creative process can be more fulfilling than sexual acts.  I wouldn’t peg her as a full time Asexual though, and I don’t pay enough attention to celebrities to confidently peg one as asexual. I have found myself getting a spiritual release in my creative expression which is similar to a release that is experienced through sexual means. Creative expression is very fulfilling for me, much more fulfilling than sex has ever been.

Being a psychic do you ever pick up on clients that are asexual?
Oh yes! I have read for more than a few clients who are asexual, one of them is a regular. She still has deep emotions for her special someone, she just has no desire for sex.

How can you help an asexual person as a psychic?
I can help them as I help any other client, by tuning in to their life concerns and relaying helpful information that comes to me. Asexuality is not a choice, as celibacy is, nor is it a disease that needs to be cured, anymore than being homosexual is a disease that needs to be cured. Asexuality is a real orientation although it is not fully recognized as one in society yet.
Are their support groups or help for those who are asexual and hiding it from themselves or others?
I would recommend visiting the AVEN website to learn more about asexuality or to find support.

P. Diddy in New York

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York

Diddy Celebrates Homecoming in Style at State-of-the-Art Nightclub in New Jersey
On Friday night, P. Diddy “Came Home” to New York City with the Diddy- Dirty Money Coming Home tour to support his newest album, Last Train to Paris.  To cap off the night, he celebrated his successful show in style right in the heart of New Jersey.
Club 4Sixty6 ( www.4sixty6.com )  in West Orange New Jersey played host to Diddy’s official concert after-party.  Celebrity faces including Anthony Lombardi of Jerseylicious started trickling in, followed by Diddy himself, who celebrated a successful NYC show with a custom-made cake from Palermo’s Bakery in Ridgefield Park, NJ  (www.PalermoBakery.com ).  The three-tiered cake featured both Paris and NYC skylines.
Diddy arrived with an entourage, including DJ Prostyle, that took up five SUV’s.  He headed straight into the DJ booth after his arrival, rocking the mike and performing songs from his hit album.

Paul is a paranormal writer. All non-fiction stories, that people have told or he has experienced for himself. We’ve done some paranormal investigations together. Paul writes stories on each and every one he goes one. I’m posting my favorites here on my blog, so keep checking back for scary, strange stories of things that go bump in the night.  Reader disgression is adviced, cause’ this is some scary shit.

By Paul Dale Roberts of HPI Paranormal

Date of Investigation: March 19, 2011 Sat Time of Investigation: 8pm Location of Investigation: Paradise, CA. Activity: A moving light has been seen going from room to room; occupant has been touched; entity either sits on the bed or lays on the bed (impressions left), footsteps heard by occupant.

Before I start talking about the Paradise investigation, let me tell you about an unusual phone call I received.

This Friday, I received a call from South Africa. The lady on the other line wanted advice. I listened to her story with some constraints and doubt, because the story was incredibly odd. I tried to determine if she was relating a subjunctive story that has no validation for her claims of high strangeness. I wondered if she really experienced this phenomenon or was it her imagination? On the night of January 28 at 2400 Hours she was awakened by a phantom that was carrying a Knob Kerrie. A Knob Kerrie is a strange African weapon that can be used to beat a man senseless. She made contact with a local ghost hunting group and by using a klystron, they were able to detect audible African language in real time. The ghost hunting group conducted an investigation, without any cleansing. Three nights after the investigation, the phantom with the Knob Kerrie appeared again by her bed. The phantom stared at her intensely. When the phantom dissipated, she discovered the phantom brought pestilential upheaval in her bedroom, there were flies everywhere. Two nights later the phantom once again showed himself to her, as she came out of the shower and it was more ithyphallic in nature, she felt the phantom was trying to violate her and she screamed in terror. The phantom once again vanished. From the story she has told me, it does not appear to be a residuary type of haunting, but an intelligent haunting. The entity is definitely attached to her and from what she tells me, he is no longer carrying his Knob Kerrie. The way I see it, the entity would have been carrying the Knob Kerrie, because he felt she may be a threat. His later appearance tells me that he is now attracted to her and has gotten rid of his weapon and wishes for some type of intimacy. This lady is terrified. I provided her with a method of cleansing that she can conduct in her own home and suggested a cleansing she needs to conduct on herself. She will be contacting me again in two weeks and she will let me know if the cleansing was successful. SPECIAL NOTE: I spoke with the lady’s husband, he makes claim he also saw the phantom on the night the phantom approached his wife as she was coming out of the shower. This gave credence to her story, another witness to her strange event.

Before I hung up the phone, the husband asked me one thing. “Paul, how is it that you can do this stuff? Why do you chase the unknown?”

I simply told him: “I Like It”. And to better understand this ‘liking’, I think Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull can explain it better here with this song, yes..you can hear it here:

Linda Pieters commented on your link.
Linda wrote: “As a South African I must say I have never heard of a ghost appearing with a knobkerrie. These are the Zulu’s weapons in a fight and yes, as you say to do bodily harm to it’s opponent! It is amazing though that this ghost chooses such a weapon to haunt someone, unless he is a tribal warrior. Look forward to see if the cleansing works and the ghost’s reaction to this.”

“Actually I started following you and Shannon McCabe on here, YouTube and your site which I find extremely interesting. I’ve just posted one of your videos on Erika’s wall ha-ha (and she clicked ‘like’on Facebook). It would be very interesting to see what the outcome is because in your comment about the ghost appearing with the knobkerrie as protection is very accurate and actually, the knobkerrie is used as a normal walking stick in times of peace. Depending on when this person (ghost) died, it would not be normal for Zulu tradition to have any attraction to a white woman. The Zulu tribe are usually peaceful people and there are still many that live in their traditional huts out in the middle of nowhere with their cattle. Obviously in today’s modern age, there are a lot of Zulu’s that live in the cities like any other person. In the days of Shaka Zulu they used spears but a knobkerrie is an Afrikan’s word for knop (knot or ball) and kerrie (cane).”

Thank you Linda for your input! Your input places a new perspective on this South African case. I also look forward to the outcome of this case too! Paul

HPI Paradise Ghostchasers/Storm Chasers

Okay, now let’s move along with the investigation!

Tonight is the night of the Super Moon. Today is the first day of war for the United States against Libya and tonight is the first pre-emptive strike against entities that seem to be plaguing Paradise. There are 3 investigations scheduled for Paradise, 3 residence homes and none of the occupants know about each other. Tonight we will tackle our first residence and the other two residences are scheduled for later dates.

To see pictures of this investigation, click here:

Let’s see who showed up for this investigation:

HPI Paranormal Investigators/Storm Chasers present: John Shue/Videographer (John, came to my home and rode up with me to Paradise); Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager; Eileen Boettcher (Eileen set up tonight’s investigation); Autumn Eddy; Chantal Apodaca/Psychic; Jennifer and Steve Roland; Rhonda and Ben Hall; Deanna Bau; Brian Cunningham; Stefanie Paige-Belson/Psychic.

Things have already gotten started in this home. As I was getting this article together, there was a distinct knocking on the kitchen wall. The knocking occurred twice. The occupant says that no animals can possibly get inside the wall and the knocking happens all the time. From my group of investigators, I created two teams. Team Apodaca with Chantal Apodaca leading. Team Halls with Ben Hall leading. We have two areas to cover. The back area of the home and front area of the home. Special Note: The knocking on the kitchen wall was debunked, it was determined that the refrigerator was causing the noise. Ben has heard this sound from other refrigerators and so has Stefanie.

Equipment Being Used: Mag lights, Digital cameras, EMF Readers, Toshiba Laptop, Video cameras, laser matrix, K2 meters, night vision goggles, temperature gauges.

Denise (occupant): When Denise is the only one at home, she can hear someone walking in the house and sitting next to her on the bed. Electronic disturbances occur, such as the phone ringing and when the phones are checked, no one is on the line. Doors open and close on their own. Denise will close one door and then find the door open again. Sometimes in the middle of the night, voices are heard and Denise will get up and the TV is not on and she can’t determine where the voices are coming from.

Shayna (Denise’s daughter): Shayna experiences a white computer chair creaking on its own. Shayna has a hard time breathing when she is in certain parts of the house. Shayna’s throat actually closes up, for 5 to 10 seconds and then it will go away. When Shayna is in her room she has a feeling of being watched. Shayna will hear knocking on the walls when she is alone. Shayna feels like there is a weight on the bed and sometimes feels the bed shaking.

Isaac (Denise’s son) / Written in his own Words: “I’ve experienced many strange things in my home. I’ve heard movement and floor creaks in my hallway. Many times I have heard beds being sat on. When I am alone I hear knocking on the walls, usually only in one specific area. I feel like I am being watched or someone is near me when I am alone. When I was younger I had constant nightmares when I slept in my room. When I moved out of that room, the nightmares stopped. A few years later I moved back in the room. But, the nightmares are not constant. A few years back I was with my older brother in my room and we both had heard a knock on my window. There was nothing there. A few minutes later it happened again. I was standing in my kitchen one morning and I was alone, out of my peripherals I saw the bathroom light turn on and then off. The area by my sister’s room I feel really tense and when I leave, my body is relieved. The time I had a different bedroom, in the breezeway, I was watching TV alone. Everyone was in my mother’s room. I have an iHome for my iPod and everything was off. They were still plugged in, though. I was minding my own business and my iPod turned on and started to play music rather loud. I was freaked out so I turned it off and went into my mom’s room.”

Possible EVP captured, woman voice saying ‘hear me’. Some investigators felt off balanced or dizzy. High EMF readings, K2 meters going off on one section of the wall. With high EMF readings, it can cause hallucinations for the occupants. John had a personal experience and says he was touched on the leg. Mag flashlights go off and on in response to questions asked. Stefanie and Jennifer felt the entity, a female entity is somehow related to the occupants. Orb pictures taken. From this investigative session, only one piece of evidence stands out, the EVP. The flashlight responses are questionable and of course orb pictures are not evidence, unless you can prove intelligent movement of the orb(s). If you can determine intelligent movement, then I would classify the orb as a spiritual containment field.

Steve Roland captured his 2nd EVP, this one sounded like a little girl that says..”oh..oh”. Stefanie started to communicate with the entity, by using a K2 meter. She would tell the entity to move the light to yellow for a yes, to the red for a no, etc. She received some right on the money responses, while the occupants watched. EVP captured that said ‘sugar’. Isaac (occupant) was called ‘sugar’ by his deceased aunt Kittie. One of the investigators felt completely drained, when another investigator asked the entity to take his energy. So much energy was drained the male investigator almost passed out. When one occupant asked ‘do you love me?’ The occupant felt shivers and then later her body felt very hot. One of the investigators had empathic feelings and felt sad and she started crying. Rhonda picked up a male presence. Many spikes were hit on the K2 meter. Rhonda later felt there were several entities in the room and she felt layers of time unfold in front of her. Rhonda had a personal experience and felt her hair pulled. Flashlight communication indicated that there was a nut farmer entity present.

The EVPs were our best evidence. EVPs will be analyzed further to determine there was no contamination and the EVPs would be considered authentic.

Thank you to the occupants for providing coffee. Thank you to Eileen Boettcher for setting this investigation up and providing the investigators with: brownies and Rice Krispy cakes. Stefanie Paige-Belson conducted a metaphysical cleansing.

Driving to Paradise, we fought through the pounding rain and the heavy gusts of wind. Leaving Paradise and heading back to Sacramento, again we fought the storm. On this night, we all became ‘storm chasers’. Now, here is something right out of X-Files. As I was driving home with my videographer John Shue, John spies the Super Moon peaking out from the stormy clouds, he starts filming and to his amazement, he films a red globe UFO that pops in and out of the clouds. He actually caught this on video, so make sure to check his video out when it goes on YouTube. I looked at the footage and I cannot describe it as conventional aircraft. You will be amazed at his video!

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Knobkierrie, also spelled knobkerrie, knopkierie or knobkerry, are African clubs used mainly in Southern and Eastern Africa. Typically they have a large knob at one end and can be used for throwing at animals in hunting or for clubbing an enemy’s head. This knob is carved out of a treetrunk and the shaft is simply the branch that protruded from the tree at that point.

The name derives from the Afrikaans word knop, meaning knot or ball and the word kierie, meaning cane or walking stick. The name has been extended to similar weapons used by the natives of Australia, the Pacific islands and other places.

Knobkierries were an indispensable weapon of war, particularly among southern Nguni tribes such as the Zulu and the Xhosa.

During the apartheid era in South Africa they were often carried and used by protesters and sometimes by the police opposing them.[1][2]

Knobkierries are still widely carried, especially in rural areas. The weapon is employed at close quarters, or as a missile, and in time of peace may serve as a walking-stick.

The head, or knob, is often ornately carved with faces or shapes that have symbolic meaning. The knobkierie itself serves this function in the crest of the 2000 new federal coat of Arms of South Africa[3] and also features on the Order of Mendi for Bravery.[4]


Do you remember using one of these in your past life? If so, leave a comment below telling us about it!

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