HPI Chronicles: Zecharia Sitchin on my Mind
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter
It’s Friday night and the preliminary investigation I had for the very haunted Ione Hotel was canceled tonight. It’s Friday, September 26, 2008 and I am off work with an itch. An itch that only a ghosthunter knows. An itch to investigate, to discover the truth, to hunt for answers. But, it’s not going to happen tonight.
So, instead I head over to the very haunted Elk Grove Brewery www.elkgrovebrewery.com, a place that I have investigated before. A place in which red eyes were seen in the woman’s bathroom and followed a woman patron from the bathroom to the dining area, causing her to run in panic and scream.
As a ghosthunting gumshoe, I am sitting on the bar, drinking a Pepsi. Yeah, I have to have a clear mind, in case any activity acts up at the Elk Grove Brewery. Christopher Correa the owner recognizes me and comes over to shake my hand and talk about the investigation that I did a while back. Before I knew it, his customers were listening to the story and I was passing out my HPI business cards to everyone. A beautiful blonde with slender long legs is sitting next to me, she introduces herself as Sarah Bradley. She tells me she is into plant science at UC Davis. I discover she is fascinated with my ghosthunting sleuthing and asks me all kinds of questions. By the time we finished talking, she was willing to bring her boyfriend along on a scouting mission. Sarah’s girlfriend next to her was all excited about going on a ghost scouting mission too. I told them, all they have to do is get on my email list.
As I was talking with Sarah…my mind start wandering off and I shifted the conversation from ghosts to the planet Nibiru. Could author Zecharia Sitchin be right? Is it possible that the Sumerians recorded the actual events of extraterrestials known as Anunnakis? Let’s go back 450,000 years ago. Planet X known as Nibiru is in dire danger. The atmosphere on this planet is eroding. Anunnaki scouts discover Earth and set up the first Earth station to explore Earth. The Anunnakis discover that Earth has gold. Gold will enable the Annunnakis to protect the atmosphere of their own planet.



The mining for gold commences. Enki leads this expedition of extraterrestial gold miners. Enki is the proud son of Anu. As the gold is extracted from Earth, the Annunnakis are tired of the continuous mining. Enlil (Enki’s half brother) asks Enki to create a slave race to mine the gold. Then about 300,000 years ago Enki and Ninharsag (both extraterrestial scientists) create some primitive workers to mine the gold on Earth. These primitive workers through DNA manipulation become Homo Sapiens. Guess what? They start multiplying. They become rebellious and Enlil doesn’t like Enki’s creation.

100,000 years ago, the male Annunnakis started to favor the women slaves and mating started to take place. Some of these women slaves became the wives of the Annunnaki gods. When Enlil discovers this, he is very upset. Now you have hybrids that are part Homo Sapiens and half Annunnakis. Perhaps this is where legends like Hercules originate from. Hercules was known to have been half god and half man.

Then 11,000 years ago, Enlil can no longer tolerate the Homo Sapiens and orders a deluge, a flood to wipe out mankind. Enki loves his creation and persuades Ziusudra aka Noah to build an ark, in that way mankind can still continue to live on and breed and populate the Earth.

Then around 3450 BC, the Homo Sapiens faced the Tower of Babel Issue, in which they no longer could speak the same language and their languages were all switched around, so they could no longer communicate with each other and would separate into different tribes. Somehow with all of the turmoil in which gods vs other gods and extraterrestial wars were being carried out, the final conflict became nuclear and it befell Sodom and Gomorrah.

It is so amazing to me that so many cultures and religions have similar stories and the gods that they mention are similar to other gods from other religions and cultures. These stories parallel so close to the bible. These stories were written before the bible even existed. Either the Sumerians and other cultures were great science fiction writers or they were telling the truth and Zecharia Sitchin places their stories into perspective. If I were Mr. Spock on the USS Enterprise and heard this story, I would say to the Captain…”this story appears logical Captain”.

By the time I finish wrapping up my story with Sarah Bradley, I notice she is yawning and she politely tells me she must depart. I watch Sarah and her girlfriend exit the door while the band plays ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones.

I turn around on my bar stool and continue to think about the fascinating wisdom of Zecharia Sitchin.

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